We are 100% Vegan certified and all of our products are dairy, egg, lactose and animal product free.

What flours do you use?

All products contain a different mix of flours. Our vegan products contain Organic Unbleached Flour. Each gluten free product contains different flours but we use a mixture including; Organic brown rice flour, potato flour, ground almonds and buckwheat Flour.

What natural sweetener do you use?

All naturally sweetened products are sweetened with Organic Agave.

Are your naturally sweetened products suitable for diabetics?

You will need to check with the individual that Agave is a suitable sweetener for them.

My dietary needs are not covered on your current product list?

Please feel free to email us with your specific requests and where possible we will be happy to substitute ingredients to match your required needs. Please be advised there may be an extra charge for this.

Are your products suitable for coeliac and nut allergy sufferers?

We offer a wide gluten free and Nut free range, however the bakery does hold both wheat flour and nuts on the premises. Although all measures are taken to avoid cross contamination we cannot guarantee against air born contamination. Please check with the individual that this environment is suitable for their needs before ordering.

Do you use preservatives and colourings?

No. All our products are flavoured and coloured with natural ingredients.

Can you make me a cake with eggs and dairy?

No. We do not hold any animal derived products onsite at the bakery and therefore are unable to produce a cake with such ingredients.

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